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Nissan Ends Development of Gasoline Engines


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While most manufacturers continue to develop new gasoline engines alongside the electrification of their ranges, Nissan has decided to focus solely on electric powertrains.

Indeed, earlier this week, the Japanese automaker confirmed that it will cease all forms of research and development related to gasoline engines to concentrate on electric vehicles. This announcement was made by Nissan's Product Planning Director, François Bailly.

Are Gasoline Vehicles Over?

Practically, yes, but this is a transition since some of the gasoline engines developed by the brand will still meet greenhouse gas emission standards for many years to come.


As you may know, Nissan presented its plan for the coming years a few months ago. The Japanese manufacturer aims to launch 30 new models globally by 2027. Although the exact numbers for North America are not known, it is already clear that 16 of these 30 vehicles will be electrified. It is also known that 7 of these 30 new models will be introduced to our market. Thus, it is expected that part of the current fleet will be renewed.

No New Internal Combustion Engines

While Nissan's goal remains to fully electrify its range, gasoline engines will not be completely abandoned. Several journalists have implied this by playing with words. In fact, Nissan will not produce new gasoline engines. However, existing engines will continue to improve, and I believe it is important to clarify this nuance.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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